My Story

Skull & Crown ltd. was born out of a love for fine secretarial and communication supplies. What does that mean? It means fine papers, smooth and crisp writing utensils, meaningful cards, and making someone's day when they open a hand written letter.

Skull & Crown ltd. is mainly a blog where I can "nerd out" on the things that make the life of a secretary, or anyone else who spends time at a desk or writing for that matter--better. In the first months of this site, I was working on a special project and to offer a writing system. After months of R&D, working with manufacturers and distributors, it became clear that I was not going to be able to fulfill my vision on a grand scale.

Will I ever get the branded leather notebooks on the market? Probably. But it's not something I am actively pursuing. I've transformed this site into a full blog. I'll share projects, new things, and the occasional opinion.

I hope you continue to visit and hangout. 

Happy writing,