Saddleback Leather Review and Updates

It's been a spell since I last wrote something for this blog, and that's alright with me. Quality over quantity is a solid choice, although it doesn't fare the best for the idea of getting popular. Last January...maybe the one before that...2021 doesn't count, right? Well, anyway, I wrote about the rM Tablet, and I talked about the pros and cons of going for the rM V., the ever-popular and industry-dominating iPad. 

As someone who's had both, and actually, I even bought the rM2 (yes, it's a thing, and it's awesome), I still recommend the rM tablet for someone who takes a lot of notes, writes, draws, or really just does any number of things. Hell, I think it's worth it--even if all you do is to-do lists. Call me crazy!

The rM2 is dark grey in color, uses multiple gestures features, is faster, and the new Marker Plus is EVERYTHING. The long-awaited feature that allows you to use it as a pencil - just flip it around and erase, works amazingly. I love it. Here's a short video on it. If you want one, and you want $40 off your order - consider using this referral link. Click Here to check it out.

On to what you're likely here for--Saddleback. So over a year ago, if you followed my search for the perfect bag, you know that I started out with my dad's awesome day pack--until it ripped. So I went all over looking for sometime perfect. Ikea? Meh. Wilson's Leather? Trash. Why? All of them ripped. I finally followed my wife's recommendation and had a bag made--bespoke. I worked with Capra Leather to create something I wanted. It is a wonderful bag. It's an executive masterpiece. But it's not...something I want to carry all day, every day. Like, what some might call EDC. And it wasn't able to carry the full load of items I needed when it was a Lodge night. 

I work in the executive medical industry, and I am a secretary for my fraternity. On lodge nights, I have a lot to carry, and my Capra Leather bag just wasn't going to work for this. Then, my good friend and fraternal Brother, Mark, turned me on to Saddleback Leather after he bought me a gift from them. It came full circle. You see, when I was initially writing about this search for a bag, another fraternity brother, Brent, was trying to tell me about this great company called, Saddleback! Oh...why didn't I listen to Brent!?

Flight Bag

Indiana Leather Satchel

So I checked them out a few weeks ago. I decided that I would save up some cash and buy the Flight Bag. I did. It's amazing, and everything you hear about them is true. Unbreakable parts, full-grain leather, I mean, you feel like Indiana Jones. This bag holds it all, and I'm not scared of messing it up. My wife loved it too, so we bought her a purse, and she loved it so much, she bought another one. I also bought another smaller bag, their Indiana Satchel for EDC. I went overboard. In fact, this meme sums it up. 

All jokes aside, I love these bags, they hold everything, and it's great. So what else? Oh yeah--I was finally able to launch our Journal and Pen! 

If you're interested - check it out!

The Craftsman + Journal is an A4-sized, traditional soft--full-grain leather in a classic dark brown. It shows the scratches and imperfections, giving your journal a natural patina over time. It has a riveted leather strip for closing. Inside the leather wrap are four permanently bound (sewn in) sections--in total, 240 lined pages. The binding is hand sewn using dark brown waxed thread in a way that allows you to fully flatten your journal, using it from edge to edge.

There's no branding on the front, leaving it classic in appearance. On the back, it features the Skull & Crown Ltd. Logo as well as a pigpen cipher (Craftsman +).

The pen is a hand-turned pen from curly maple in a slimline design to fit any hand. They feature a twist-action ball-point construction with black ink and are refillable. 

Free three-letter monogram (in all caps or Pigpen Cypher). Use the Special instructions to let me know!

Thanks for reading, and we'll talk to you all next time!



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