The Long Awaited Bag Update

I say, "Long Awaited", although I'm not sure who cares anymore. It's been about three months. When I last talked about getting a new bag, I was thoughtfully disappointed with the options I'd been given. I bought and returned several over the course of years. Click here to for context. 

I did get the bag from Ikea in the mail. And while cool, it was not going to fit the 12" iPad Pro. So, it became a secondary bag for use...whenever. My wife told me, "You just need to get a bespoke bag." The term "bespoke" never meant much to me. I mean, why not just say, "custom made" or something similar? So that's the nomenclature I'll use--Custom.

I went on to look around at options. Eventually, I came across Capra Leather. I engaged one of the co-owners and they responded almost immediately, although located in Bogota Columbia. I was surprised because it was probably very late at night when I emailed them. Dedication to service, was a strong suit with Capra.

Over the course of days, we began a dialogue. They asked for a list of what I carry on a day to day, they even provided updated blue prints for the bag as I requested alterations to the design.

Original drawings and custom molds. 

Some of the leather used in the production. 

As you can see, they paid heavy attention. I did altar what I wanted a bit, but it holds everything, is soft, tough, and is very versatile. I've also slowly moved away from my 12" iPad Pro. It's just too damn big. I love it, but the size is becoming increasingly cumbersome as I try to become more minimalist, and less connected to the digital space.

I also came to the conclusion, that like the stereotype of women and shoes, apparently I am the same with bags. I look at them all the time. I think about switching it up. I think about having one for each thing I do etc. I think I am just generally impressed by the craftsmanship and putting everything in it's place.

I could fit even more in the bag, but this is the daily carry.
Sometimes replace the Asus with an iPad 12"

I'll have more to say about "minimizing" in the future. There's a culture to explore and I think it's worth talking about as we move into the future. But for now enjoy the quick video above to see everything that goes in my bag at the moment. Curious about something you saw? Drop me a line and I'll tell you about it or where I got it. And yes, my Kindle is dead.

Visit Capra Leather and check out their stuff.


  1. I believe that I commented on your Facebook page months ago when you asked about a bag and I'm sure I gave comments about my Saddleback Leather backpack.....However, with me traveling back and forth to an offshore drilling rig via helicopter every 3 weeks and now about to start going to Mexico for work. I have put my leather bag up until I travel around home. I actually purchased a RTIC backpack, yes the same people that make the travel cups and coolers also make bags and will be using it. I didn't like the idea of going to work in another country with a $700 bag, I was thinking that I would get robbed! So I got this bag. That is a nice bag that you had made.

  2. It cost more to manufacture and thus will run higher prices in retail outlets. leather backpack


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