Months of Delays and Lost Momentum Two Thumbs Still in the Air

It's been months since I last updated you all on production of a flagship product. In the time since I last wrote anything here, we've received all but a thanks but no thanks from Moleskine on using their notebooks for our choice to be included with the leather wraps.

But, behind every closed door, another opens. Leuchtturm 1917, another wonderful notebook company has extended interest and I am in talk with them to be our exclusive notebook. These look to be even better that what we were originally envisioning. So while we've had some setbacks, we're moving forward with two thumbs up. Optimism, all the way!

If you bought one of our notebooks in the past, please drop me a line to let me know how it worked out. They were prototypes. So I need feedback on all things, good or bad.

As soon as we have an update on the partnership with Leuchtturm 1917, I will write you all. Thanks for reading!

And for those that want to know how the custom bag went, I'll be writing on that soon as well.

Happy Summer everyone!