A New Direction

I remember a comedian once saying something like, "If you move out of California, it's not because you wanted to explore, or whatever. It's because you gave up on your dreams." That stings a little. At least that's what I thought. I was born in Illinois and moved all over the world with my parents. But we were frequently in California or Illinois as home bases.

I left California for the last time in 2007. I last wrote about production of our notebooks about a month ago. And just like leaving California, I'm leaving the original premise for this site behind. After months of work, r&d, and contacting both distributors, and suppliers, it's became clear that my dream of creating an awesome branded writing system is  going to take a lot more time than what I am wiling to put in right now.

Will I ever get to create the leather branded notebook covers? Probably. Anytime soon? Probably not. But I'm not giving up on the dream. Skull & Crown ltd. will exist as a branch of WCY Media as it has been, and on occasion may offer something in the retail space. Primarily though, I am switching to a model based on my second love--things that help me be a writer, a secretary, and an executive.

What can you expect moving forward? Pictures of pens, reviews on paper, writing instruments, tech, ink, and just about anything else that makes life easier. I might even toss an opinion or two out there, who knows.

To the people who stayed in touch with us, who assisted by buying some of our earlier prototypes and who shared our affinity for something cool, THANK YOU.

If you care to stay in touch and continue reading the occasional piece here, I invite you to come back as often as you like. If this is no longer what you're in to, that's okay too. Thank you for everything.

On to the future.

Happy writing,