Production Update 4-19-2019

Developing a product is hard work. A concept, really easy. But I have to hand it to guys like Tom McGuire from Fossil Bluff. He thinks it, designs it, then makes it. He's incredible and an inspiration.

Earlier this week, (yesterday) we unveiled what is/was to be our flagship product. A signature leather journal wrap (Buck Skin) with our logo, packaged with Black Volant Moleskine and a Staedtler Black Box. This set is what I envisioned from the start. Three quality products, that together make the perfect journaling/note taking system. No frills, no bullet system, no anything. Free form - you know what works for you.

The plan is/was to make just 33 of these and call it quits. The first 10 or so would get a Skull & Crown Ltd. T-Shirt also. So where are we? Well, I am still working out a distribution deal with the two companies mentioned above. I want to provide these things at bottom cost so you all can jump on the journaling bandwagon. I want to give you a stylish (limited and exclusive in design), functional and truly great experience.

Another set back is the distributor for our leather. We were on track to order the wraps and then I would begin personally stamping the logos. Unfortunately we will need to find another option with the leather.

I am committed to bringing you a journaling product. We will have something to offer, but I cannot say just when. All good things... (It's not just the worst TNG episode). Until then, we'll send updates when we can and continue to blog about great things and peripheral subjects related to quality logistics.

Talk to you all soon!