The Soft Launch

Skull & Crown ltd. was born out of a love for fine secretarial and communication supplies. What does that mean? It means fine papers, smooth and crisp writing utensils, meaningful cards, and making someone's day when they open a hand written letter.

At Skull & Crown ltd., we believe that each message should be unique--no canned messages. We believe that pens shouldn't gel up and smear. We believe that left-handers should enjoy writing without the fear or hassle of smearing ink. We believe that paper should absorb quality inks and dry in a reasonable time. We believe in sealing your envelopes in wax or sticker seals.

Communication is the basis on which humanity has made progress. Whether expressing sympathy, joy, saying hello, or journaling our thoughts, the art of writing stands above all as our most treasured and meaningful method of expressing ourselves to others.

Through Skull & Crown ltd., we hope to offer, in limited quantities, quality products which will serve you in your efforts to make an impact in your written communications and personal thoughts. We're just getting started. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for great posts and news on special projects.

Everything we offer is again, limited. I design and make or commission everything. Production takes time.

Happy writing,


  1. Hey Bro. R.J.,

    I really like the idea of this. I've been looking for a nice, conservative, masonic work pen. I hope that's something you'll be providing. I look forward to seeing the full range of products offered. Also I saw in an episode or two of TMR that you had a rugby ball in the background. I was curious if you also played rugby. As a rugby player from Toronto, Canada I thought that was great! There's only a handful of masonic rugby players that I now of so it was cool to see someone new.

    All the best,

    Bro. Peter Ratcliffe
    St. Andrew's No.16
    Toronto, Ontario


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